Eddie Murphy Talks Working With Daughter Bria In ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ 4

Eddie Murphy is reprising his iconic role in “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” and he told Access Hollywood at the film’s premiere that getting the movie made was a long time coming! “This movie, they might have been developing it for 15 years and then nothing was right,” he told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. “The third one was kind of soft. The first two ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ worked, and the third one was kind of meh, and we were like if we’re going to do another one, this s**t got to be right,” he added. For the fourth film in the franchise, Eddie’s daughter Bria even makes a surprise appearance, and he talked about working with his daughter while chatting with Access. The 63-year-old actor also touched on his music career and if he’ll ever release an album. “I never stopped recording, I just stopped putting stuff out. Every now and then I’ll put something up on YouTube for free with no advertising or anything,” he said. “Yeah, you know, I’ve almost put a record out a bunch of times over the years…so in the meantime I got a bunch of stuff,” he added. “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” hits Netflix on July 3.