Howie Mandel And Daughter Jackie Love To Make Prank Phone Calls Together

Hosting shows must run in the family! Howie Mandel joined Kit Hoover and Scott Evans on Access Daily with his daughter Jackelyn Shultz to talk about their new podcast called “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” which is available on April 13th. The “Deal or No Deal” host gushed over his close relationship with daughter Jackie and how their friendship manifested into a podcast. Howie said, “It came out of the fact that during the pandemic and we couldn’t see each other, we would spend hours on the phone together, me and Jackie. And we’d be making prank calls and we would be just laughing and being inappropriate and, ya know, pranking her mom and just having fun. And my wife would walk in and go, ‘Who is this for? What is this even for?’ And I go ‘We’re just having fun’ and she goes ‘record it.’ And then Rich who I work with said ‘record it.’ And we decided to record it and that is our podcast.”