Howie Mandel Recalls Freaking Out Over Finding His Wife In a Pool Of Blood After Partying In Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas does not always stay there – just ask Howie Mandel! The “America’s Got Talent” judge recalled an elaborate story to Kelly Ripa and Mark Conselous on a recent appearance of “Live with Kelly and Mark” of when his wife, Terry, fell and “broke her cheek” after a night of drinking in Las Vegas. “I wake up, I turn on the light. I look around the bed. She’s in the corner, face down. And I didn’t know she cut her head. But blood is pooling. ‘Snapped’ is on TV, blood is pooling out, and I just, I freaked out,” the 68-year-old said, adding that the incident led him to call hotel for help and head to the hospital.