Hugh Grant Dishes On ‘Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy’: ‘Has A Lot Of Heart’

Hugh Grant’s latest role has him transforming into a Tiger, Tony the Tiger that is! The acting legend stars in Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix comedy, “Unfrosted,” which follows the true story about the race to create the pop tart. Jerry, who directed the film, approached Hugh for the role and he told Access Hollywood the two got very close on set. When he isn’t playing a famous tiger, he is reprising his role as Daniel Cleaver in “Bridge Jones: Mad About The Boy.” While chatting with Access he revealed why he decided to jump on board for the fourth installment of the famous franchise. “Because it’s a really good script,” he said. “This one has a lot of heart as well as being very funny. I think it’s the best of the four scripts that I’ve read so far.” “Unfrosted” streams on Netflix May 3.