Jacob Elordi Says Playing Elvis Presley In ‘Priscilla’ Was ‘One Of The Most Freeing’ Experiences

Jacob Elordi had an incredible experience making “Priscilla” with director Sofia Coppola and co-star Cailee Spaeny. “I felt like I was in safe hands the whole time, so it was one of the most kind of freeing creative experiences I’ve ever been a part of … It was just joyful,” he told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. Jacob and Cailee also spoke to Access about collaborating with each other and told the story of their first meeting ahead of filming. Plus, Sofia shared what Priscilla wanted the movie to capture about her story and how she reacted to seeing the film for the first time. “Priscilla” hits theaters nationwide on Nov. 3 and is now out in limited theaters.