Jamie Foxx Recalls The Kind Words He Told Jennifer Lopez In The ’90s During Their ‘In Living Color’ Days

Jamie Foxx has so much love for his former co-star “In Living Color.” At the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards, the “Just Mercy” star talked about the time he and the “Hustlers” actress both got their big break on the sketch show as a performer and a Fly Girl, respectively. “She used to say, ‘One day, J. One day.’ Because we were both freshmen on that show. Sometimes they would give her a hard time because she was so beautiful. And I said … ‘Your beauty ain’t gonna get in the way. You are absolutely amazing,” he recalled to Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. Jamie also went into family man mode as his father Darrell and his kids Corinne and Anelise joined his interview, and he gushed over his younger daughter’s impressive basketball skills!