Jason Momoa Insists He’s Not A Celebrity Who Doesn’t Shower Every Day: ‘I’m Hawaiian, We Got Saltwater’

Jason Momoa and Isabel Merced spoke to Access Hollywood about their upcoming movie “Sweet Girl” where the actors play and father-daughter duo who are coping with loss of their matriarch to cancer. Jason and Isabel spoke about the emotional and physical strength that was required for the film. While chatting their love for 90s’ fashion, Jason showed off his hair scrunchie and Isabel joked that the actor told her he doesn’t shower to prevent her from borrowing it, but Jason swears he’s not like some celebrities who recently admitted they don’t shower every day. “I’m not starting any trends, I shower, trust me, I shower, I’m Aquaman, I’m in the f***ing water, don’t worry about it,” Jason said. Adding, “I’m Hawaiian, we got saltwater, I’m good.” “Sweet Girl” will be available to stream on Netflix, Friday, August 20.