Jenna Ortega Confuses Fans After Eating A Kiwi With The Skin On

Jenna Ortega has caused an internet debate over the way she eats kiwi. On Sept. 25, the “Wednesday” star took to her Instagram story and shared a video of herself snacking on the little green fruit while also consuming its fuzzy skin! Jenna bit right into the kiwi like an apple and fans took to social media to share their concern. One user wrote, “just got traumatised by the way jenna ortega eats kiwis” and another penned, “Just watched jenna ortega eat a kiwi like an apple and i wish I could go back to when I didn’t know it existed.” Although some may find Jenna’s kiwi habit a bit unusual, turns out it’s totally fine from a health standpoint and actually has some great benefits! According to WebMD, the fuzzy brown skin of a kiwi is completely edible and it contains high antioxidants like vitamin C to boost heart health and combat inflammation, plus dietary fiber which is good for digestion. The skin is generally not eaten because of its texture, but Jenna clearly doesn’t mind.