Jennifer Garner Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Guilt Over Being a Working Mom (Exclusive)

Jennifer Garner is opening up about being a working mom. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood guest correspondent, Zanna Roberts Rassi, the mother of three reflected on the struggles that come along with parenting. “Working moms get such a bad…we get all freaked out because we’re told constantly ‘you have 18 summers,’ ‘you have this much time,’ ‘time is fleeting,’ and it makes you panic. My mom has always said to me ‘you’re their mom forever, don’t worry you can do your job. You’re their mom forever. I wish I had worked, I would have been a better mom. Your kids are going to be so proud of you.’ She’s always given me that that kind of grounding in that sense,” she said. “So, if you come from a place of expansiveness instead of feeling just like ‘I can’t be a mom because I’m also working, and I’m supposed to be guilty all the time.’ You better just lean into wherever you are any day exactly like right now just be here when your kids show up be there and we’ll have a great time.” She also teased what she is planning for her Halloween costume this year after going viral the last few years for her epic plans. “My favorite costume when I was little was in 4th grade, my mom made me a carrot and so I haven’t done anything about it but I’ve just been thinking in the last couple of days I wonder if I would be happy as a carrot again you had,” she quipped. Access caught up with Jen while she was promoting her company, Once Upon a Farm’s new Refrigerated Oat Bar line, which is available to purchase now nationwide in the refrigerator aisle at Target and Wegmans, and online at