Jesse Plemons Gushes Over ‘Kinds Of Kindness’ Co-Star Emma Stone: ‘One Of The Best’

Jesse Plemons is gushing over his “Kinds of Kindness” co-star Emma Stone. “She is obviously one of the best. I really appreciate her approach [to acting] in that she is very serious about the work but doesn’t take herself too seriously,” he told Access Hollywood at the film’s New York City premiere. Jesse also revealed why he felt sick to his stomach when he first read the script and reacted to those Matt Damon comparisons, admitting they haven’t connected over the online chatter. “Aside from me playing him as a young boy when I was 11 or so, no, I haven’t seen him. I wonder how he feels about this,” he said. “I’m beyond flattered. Definitely flattered by the comparison but I’d be curious to hear his thoughts,” he added. “Kinds of Kindness” hits theaters June 28.