Johnny Depp Asks ACLU To Show Proof That Amber Heard Donated Her Divorce Settlement (Reports)

Johnny Depp continues to claim that his ex-wife Amber Heard has not donated her $7 million divorce settlement to charity. After the exes’ finalized their split, Amber pledged to donate the entire settlement and split it between two charities, the ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Now, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor and his lawyer have reportedly filed papers asking both organizations to share how much Amber has donated. In the court papers Johnny quote “respectfully requests that this Court enter an order directing the ACLU Witnesses to fully comply with the Subpoenas.” Amber’s legal team insist that the “Aquaman” actress has done “nothing dishonest” with her donations and that she “pledged to pay over 10 years.” They also said she has been “delayed in that goal” because she’s “been forced to spend millions of dollars defending” herself amid Depp’s multiple lawsuits.