Justin Timberlake Abruptly Stops Show In Texas To Help Fan In Audience: ‘Need Some Assistance’

Justin Timberlake is making sure his fans are OK. The singer abruptly paused a show on his Forget Tomorrow World Tour in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, June 1 after noticing a person in the crowd who needed assistance. In fan video uploaded to social media, Justin was first seen performing on stage before beginning to motion to security as he points out someone in need. “House lights up, house lights up — thank you! Sorry everybody one second, one second– we need some assistance right here about five rows back,” the *NSYNC alum said, before checking to make sure the person was okay. After seemingly getting confirmation that the person was alright, Justin appeared to address the fan themselves as well as the crowd, saying, “No – no problem! OK, we’re OK!”