Keith Urban Reveals Favorite Holiday Tradition With Nicole Kidman & Their Kids (Exclusive)

Keith Urban is set to have a busy end to 2023! As he finishes up his Vegas residency, he is also looking forward to the holidays. In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, Keith shared what his favorite holiday tradition is with his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their kids. “Just being together with extended family ’cause we live in Nashville and we don’t have any family in Nashville,” Keith shared. “Both of our moms are in Australia, Nic’s sister’s in Australia and her husband and kids and my brother and his kids so all the cousins, uncles, aunts everybody there all there so it’s a nice time to go back and catch up with everybody.” Although you may not find his family in the studio singing carols with him, Keith said they do sing around a piano during the holiday season. “We have a piano in the house, so we’ll sing a bunch of stuff around the piano, yeah of course,” he said. Keith also reflected on a recent photo his wife posted of the pair in his home studio as he prepares to release new music in 2024. “It’s nice when she comes in, she’s’ not often in the studio but she came by that one day. Yeah, it’s just nice,” he said. “I think this record reflects that kind of flow as well, all this new music has a real truth about it and I can’t wait for people to hear it.” Keith is also finishing up his Las Vegas residency with a bang! The “Street Called Main” singer, who kicked off his most recent stint at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood in March, is performing his final shows this month. “The energy night to night with this particular audience in that particular venue has been the best we’ve ever had in Vegas and we’ve played here a lot over the years but this combination of this show that we’re doing in this venue has been amazing,” He told Access.