Kerry Washington Thought She Was ‘Crazy’ At First For Getting So Personal In Her Explosive New Book

Kerry Washington is a more open book than ever. The A-lister, 46, spoke recently with Access Hollywood at the Boys & Girls club in her hometown of the Bronx, where she celebrated the release of her new memoir, “Thicker Than Water,” and reflected on telling her story in her words. Kerry noted that she’s a “very private person” despite spending much of her professional life in the public eye, and how she embraced getting so personal on such a large platform. “I honestly think just the action itself of sharing so many details about my life was, at times, I thought I was crazy. I was like, ‘What am I doing?! Who am I?'” she laughed. “But it was also really healing and I’m glad that I did it.” The actress recalled learning a bombshell family secret that serves as the book’s central topic and why the experience was the catalyst for a new journey of self-discovery. “It was about five years ago when my parents sat me down and shared this really revelatory news with me,” she shared, adding, “I think it was hard for my parents in a way because they had kept this secret for 40 years but it was hard for me because it really redefined my idea of who I was and who my family is and it kind of made me go back and question a lot.” “Thicker Than Water” is on sale Sept. 26 wherever books are sold.