Kevin Costner Tears Up After Hearing His Son Hayes Praise His Work On ‘Horizon’

Kevin Costner’s new blockbuster “Horizon: An American Saga” hits close to home for several reasons. The Oscar winner produced, directed and co-wrote the project and his 15-year-old son Hayes is also named after one of the characters in the film. “Hayes is now 15 so you realize I have been punching a while,” he told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. In fact, Hayes was in the film, and he told Access at the Los Angeles premiere what it was like working with his father. “It was so fun, just working with my dad, I loved, and he just taught me everything and he was there directing me by [my] side, and it was just amazing to watch him direct because I’d never seen it before. I’ve only seen him act before,” he told Access. Turns out Hayes’ sweet words left a mark on Kevin, who admitted it felt “good” to hear his son’s touching remarks as he emotionally fought back tears. Now that film is getting ready to be released, the “Yellowstone” alum admits he wishes he could see it in the theater for the first time. “I made it for people. It’s the kind of movie I wish somebody made for me,” he told Scott. “Yeah, I’m kinda jealous that I won’t be seeing it with eyes that a lot of people will be looking at it,” he added. “Horizon: An American Saga” hits theaters June 28.