Kevin Hart Reveals Why His Daughter Stays Away From Him During Internship

Kevin Hart’s 16-year-old daughter Heaven is making her own way during her internship at her dad’s production company! “She’s doing well, but she kind of stays away from me,” Kevin told Access Hollywood’s Sibley Scoles. “She’s focused, and she has relationships with people in the office, so the things that she wants to do, she’s discussing with others. I think Dad comes off a little intimidating sometimes, so she’s waiting until she has everything in order before she presents it to me, and I like that. I respect that, because she wants it to be right. She wants to come to me when she feels she has it together.” Kevin also talked about what drew him to the film “Fatherhood” and how much he values being a dad and having quality family time in his own life. “Fatherhood” is available to stream June 18 on Netflix.