Kim Kardashian Reacts To North West Hanging Up On Her Over ‘Cringey’ Misuse Of TikTok Slang

Kim Kardashian isn’t a regular mom she’s a…cringe mom? The reality star and SKIMS mogul poked fun at herself in a new episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” admitting that her kids weren’t exactly impressed when she tried using trending TikTok slang around them. “My kids, they say ‘gyat,’ and ‘gyat’ means a big butt. I got it off TikTok and it was, like, made you feel so old, when you don’t know what the slang words are,” she explains. “So I was like ‘Guys, we’re late. We’ve ‘gyat’ to go.’ And they were like, ‘MOM! You’re so embarrassing.'”