Lily Tomlin Says She’s ‘Always Hoping’ For A ‘9 To 5’ Sequel With Jane Fonda & Dolly Parton

Lily Tomlin is teaming up with Jane Fonda once again for “Moving On”! The actress told Access Hollywood about her role in the comedy film and other iconic roles in her career. Lily also reflected on her first meeting with Jane and said that she’s continuing to hope for a “9 to 5” sequel with them and Dolly Parton. “In the backs of our minds, we always have a sequel to ‘9 to 5.’ I’m always hoping for that,” Lily said. She added, “We had a script written. It really wasn’t up to modern-day office situations. It was a little too much of a replay of the old original one – although everything in that movie is still viable, unfortunately, whether it’s equal pay or child care or whatever it is. But the workplace has changed somewhat.” “Moving On” hits theaters March 17.