Lucy Hale Celebrates 2 Years Of Sobriety & Reveals Why She Now Feels Her Most Centered & Grounded

Lucy Hale has never felt more centered and grounded in her life as she marks an important milestone. “I just celebrated two years of sobriety. I think that was obviously a big part of it,” she told Access Daily’s Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover. “But also because of that, I really got to take a look at my life and who I want to be and what thought patterns and things that I don’t think were serving me anymore. And also, I just feel like, ok this is who I am, I know what I have to offer, and I think it’s just like the confidence that comes with growing up,” she added. While chatting with Access, Lucy also revealed the major takeaway she learned from her new film, “Which Brings Me To You.” “I fully subscribe to the idea of talking about your past,” she shared. “I feel like usually in dating you want to present the best version of yourself, which isn’t always the most authentic version. So I think it’s great that these two characters can show up as themselves and then you know if the person is staying, that they’re staying for the right reasons.” See Lucy in “Which Brings Me To You,” only in theaters now.