Prince Andrew’s Accuser Virginia Giuffre Is ‘Calling BS’ On Royal’s Denial: ‘He Knows What Happened’

Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, is speaking out. In an upcoming interview on BBC One’s “Panorama,” Giuffre reacted to the Duke of York’s continued denial of her claims that she was trafficked to have sex with him through Jeffrey Epstein in 2001. “He knows what happened. I know what happened, and there’s only one of us telling the truth, and I know that’s me,” she said. Giuffre also went into detail about her alleged interactions with the royal and urged the people of the United Kingdom to help her “fight this fight” and “not accept this as being OK.” In response, Buckingham Palace “emphatically denied” that Andrew “had any form of sexual contact or relationship” with Giuffre and said that the duke “unequivocally regrets his ill-judged association” with Epstein. Giuffre’s interview airs as part of “Panorama’s” “The Prince and the Epstein Scandal” Dec. 2 on BBC One.