Rihanna Gets Candid On Developing Fenty Hair: ‘My Hair Takes A Beating’

Rihanna is expanding Fenty Beauty! Speaking with Access Hollywood at the launch party on June 10 for her new addition Fenty Hair, the 36-year-old style icon revealed the inspiration behind the brand and what drove her to create haircare products. “Well, my hair takes a beating. It has been taking a beating for as long as I remember being on camera,” the singer began, adding, “A lot of shoots. A lot of red carpets – and that means a lot of potential damage. A lot of introductions to new products, over the years. It wasn’t so much what I didn’t have, I just wanted better. I wanted better, I wanted to beat every product that was my favorite product.” Rihanna further explained that she was incredibly hands on in the process, which is why she says it took so long to develop, telling Access, “I was very, very like, annoying in the process. I turned down everything. ‘No, it’s not good enough. Not good enough.’ I wanted to see everyone that was a part of the team. I wanted to make sure they were all — different types of hairstyles, I mean, hair types. People can speak to the products truthfully and develop them in a way that it can work.” The “Diamonds” singer also broke down some of her iconic hairstyles over the years before chatting about her adorable two sons, RZA and Riot, and dished on the highlight from RZA’s second birthday. “I think the ball pit. I spent a lot of time in there, too. Yeah. Ball pits,” she said, adding, “That is something that adults can enjoy with kids. If you’ve never done it, please. You can be there for hours. You can just relax. They’re safe. It’s like one big baby proof pool.” Plus, Rihanna revealed how her sons are inspiring her for the potential “R9.” album. “They’ve inspired the fact that I haven’t gone to the studio as much,” she joked. Fenty Hair launches June 13.