Rita Wilson Reveals Hilarious Story About Tom Hanks Crashing A Wedding Where No One Recognized Him

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson spoke with Access Hollywood at the premiere of “Pinocchio” and talked about how excited they are for the film to be released. Tom also dishes about crashing weddings! “You just gotta be in the right place. You know, hang out inside a hotel somewhere on a Saturday or Sunday during certain months, a wedding party is coming out,” he said. Rita also recounted a story about a wedding Tom crashed where the party didn’t seem to recognize him saying, “There was one time though, that there was a wedding going on and clearly these people were from a foreign country, but they did not recognize Tom. They did not speak English, they did not know anything. They were like, ‘Why is this guy in sweats and a baseball cap coming into our wedding pictures?’ That was the funniest one.” “Pinocchio” is out on Disney+ on Sept. 8.