Shannen Doherty Discovered Ex-Husband’s Alleged Affair Before Having Brain Surgery

Shannen Doherty is opening up about facing two devastating challenges at the same time. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star got candid on her “Let’s Be Clear” podcast about ending her marriage while navigating brain surgery during her cancer journey. Shannen filed for divorce from her now-ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko in April 2023 and had a brain tumor removed just months earlier, telling listeners in the Dec. 6 episode that she underwent the operation shortly after discovering his alleged infidelity. “I went into that surgery early in the morning and I went in after I found out that my marriage was essentially over, that my husband had been carrying on an affair for two years,” she claimed. “To not go in that surgery, even though, being very clear, he wanted to go, I couldn’t go into that surgery with him there. I felt so betrayed.” Neither Kurt nor his representative immediately responded to requests for comment from multiple outlets including Access Hollywood. Shannen went on to explain what she’s learned after some self-reflection and what she now considers her part in the situation. “I also take some responsibility for the demise of our marriage — actually that’s not true. Let me rephrase that, I do not take responsibility for the demise of our marriage, I take responsibility for some of the issues in our marriage,” she said. “I take responsibility not only because of how I was but because of how cancer impacted my marriage and how it impacted him the second time around.”