Simon Cowell Interested In Reviving ‘The X Factor’ In U.S.: ‘If I Had A Choice, I Would Do It Here’

Simon Cowell would be down to return to a revival of “The X-Factor,” but “only if it’s here [in the U.S.].” “I think about 24 hours ago, I came to a decision … Literally, I was thinking on my own, if I had a choice, I would do it here,” the “AGT: All-Stars” judge told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. “I was thinking about Fifth Harmony, I was thinking about Camila [Cabello], and I was just thinking about how much fun we had. Cause I like working with groups, and there aren’t that many groups at the moment, and we found some great groups on that show. And it was like, yeah, I would do it just for that reason.”