‘Survive The Raft’: Host Nate Boyer Challenges Group To Daunting Adventure At Sea (EXCLUSIVE)

Discovery’s new reality series “Survive the Raft” is setting high stakes at sea! In this clip exclusive to Access Hollywood, host Nate Boyer presents participants with a daunting task they must complete before a shift in the current makes it all but impossible to return to safety. According to a press release, “Survive the Raft” follows nine people sailing aboard the Acali II for 21 days to “test whether personal interest will sabotage the team’s chance to win a fortune together.” The group faces missions that, upon completion, earn them money toward a communal cash pot that will be divided among remaining contestants at the end of the season. Each episode sees participants facing physical and intellectual challenges designed to splinter the group and they will decide after each mission whether they will remain together or swap one of their own for a new participant. Based on a 1973 social experiment called “Peace Project” that aimed to determine if people could unite peacefully to achieve a common goal, “Survive the Raft” airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on Discovery Channel.