Teen Survivor Of Israel-Hamas War Found Hope Through Taylor Swift While In Safe Room For 16 Hours

Renana Botzer Swissa says her plans to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour next summer gave her hope as Hamas rampaged through her town amid the Israel-Hamas War. The 13-year-old, and her family are from Kfar Aza, Israel and during an emotional interview with Cbs’s Norah O’donnell she recounted her terrifying escape after waiting 16 hours in a safe room for CBS Mornings on Thursday. The teen fought back tears and said the “Cruel Summer” songstress helped her through, as she looked forward to seeing Taylor’s concert in 2024. “How did your mother keep you calm?” Norah asked. “In those hard moments she told me to think about the Taylor Swift performance we’re going to in June,” Renana explained. “It gave you hope?” Norah asked. “Yeah, that I am going to make it to June. That I’m going to make it out of there alive,” she shared. In November, Taylor will continue her record-breaking tour with international shows in South America before she heads to Asia and Europe. The 33-year-old will perform in France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom in June.