Tom Hanks Says He & Son Chet Were ‘Petrified’ To Get Their ‘Greyhound’ Scene Right

Tom Hanks is sharing the screen with his 29-year-old son Chet in his new World War II movie, “Greyhound.” When talking to Francisco Caceres from Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Dia” about his and Chet’s experience working together, Tom revealed that they both felt that the stakes were high. “We were both so petrified that we wanted to get it right. Stephen Graham is in this scene as well, and we’re all three guys playing off each other, so I was just listening to the information that he was giving me. I wasn’t paying attention to how he was delivering it. It was like working with a great, good, fun actor.” “Greyhound” is available July 10 on Apple TV+.