Why Married First Cousins Expecting A Baby Aren’t Ashamed About Their Love

Michael Lee and Angie Peang might be first cousins, but that hasn’t stopped these lovebirds from following their hearts! The two are featured on this season of WE TV’s “Extreme Love” for a romance that might seem strange to some, but is completely normal to them. As their home state of Utah doesn’t allow first cousins to marry, the couple wed in Colorado—but certain family members (namely, another cousin) were not thrilled about the pair’s union. But the couple told Access Hollywood that their parents are fully supportive, and some of them weren’t at all surprised by the couple’s love for each other. And with a baby on the way, these two have even more to be happy about! Catch Michael and Angie’s story this Friday, January 17th at 10PM ET/PT on WE TV.