7 ‘Descendants 3’ Secrets We Learned From Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson & Booboo Stewart

This summer is a bittersweet one for the Disney Channel: “Descendants 3,” the final chapter in the beloved DCOM trilogy, is set to premiere in August.

While it’s the end of an era for “Descendants” fans, it’s an even bigger transition for the franchise’s core foursome – Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Cameron Boyce – who skyrocketed into fame thanks to their starring roles.

“My life changed completely,” Sofia told Access of her journey at Disney Channel Fan Fest. “Ever since I was cast as Evie, my blue-haired princess, I went from being a girl who was working with everything that she had to make her dreams come true to someone who now gets to wake up every single morning and live her dreams.”

“Descendants” also proved life-changing for Dove, who found not only lifelong friendships on set but also romance in boyfriend and co-star Thomas Doherty.

“My first boyfriend ever I found through ‘Liv and Maddie,’ and I’m so grateful for that experience and what he taught me,” she said, referring to ex-fiancé Ryan McCartan. “And then, yeah, the love of my life, I found on the set of ‘Descendants.’ I don’t think anything will ever shape and change my life like Disney [and] ‘Descendants’ has.”

As we count down the months until the premiere of “Descendants 3,” here are seven major revelations we learned about the franchise from Dove, Sofia and Booboo at Fan Fest.

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Booboo Could Have Been The King Of Auradon

While we can’t imagine Booboo as anyone other than Jay, producers originally had him in mind for another role: Ben.

“It’s crazy, right?” Booboo told Access while reflecting on his auditioning process.

Once the role went to Mitchell Hope, “The Twilight Saga” alum was brought back to play the son of Jafar, a choice he’s “definitely” ultimately happy with.

Booboo Stewart & Dove Cameron at Disney Channel Fan Fest on April 27, 2019. (Disney Channel/Image Group LA)

The Final Nights On The ‘Descendants 3’ Set Were ‘Emotional’

The Villain Kids savored their last days shooting film No. 3, making every moment special.

“For myself, Booboo, Cameron and Dove, we were coincidentally shooting the finale number [last] – which never usually happens, because movies are shot out of order,” Sofia explained.

“Sofia and I, we laid down on our big musical set, on the bridge,” Dove said. “And we held hands, and we were like, ‘Let’s just stay here until the crew kicks us out.’ And we did.”

“We were just kind of laying on the floor, and reminiscing on the last four or five years and the incredible journey that it’s all been,” Sofia said. “It was a really emotional and just a really beautiful day.”

The girls also threw down with the entire cast on one of their final nights on set.

“I got the whole cast, and we went and we got the worst food we could possibly find from the grocery store,” Dove recalled. “We all went to my room and cried and just spent the whole night together and ate that food. It was perfect.”

Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, Cheyenne Jackson & Dove Cameron of “Descendants 3” at Disney Channel Fan Fest on April 27, 2019. (Disney Channel/Image Group LA)

Dove Was In On The Writing Of The Plot – And It Was Almost ‘Totally Different’

The final film that fans will watch this summer wasn’t always what the writers had in mind.

“They were workshopping a couple different ideas for the third film – and it’s great, because being around for so long, I get to be a part of those conversations,” Dove told Access. “I saw it [start at] one thing that was like a totally different plot. They wrote the whole script and then came back to the drawing board.”

Because she got to be in the room as the script evolved, the mystery of Mal’s dad – which fans are theorizing about all over the internet – was never a secret to her.

“I knew who my dad was; I knew that from the jump,” the “Hairspray Live!” actress shared. It’s amazing to be part of the behind-the-scenes stuff. That’s my favorite part.”

Dove Cameron at Disney Channel Fan Fest on April 27, 2019. (Disney Channel/Image Group LA)

Things Are Going To Get A Little Dark – And Political!

While the specific plot details of “D3” are under lock and key, Sofia told Access that the movie has a slightly political angle.

“What I’ve always loved about the Descendants franchise is that, apart from the incredible fairy tale and the magic, the music and the wigs and costumes, there’s such an important story that we tell,” she explained. “It’s always been standing up for the outcasts and learning that only through inclusion and learning not to judge and to love first and to choose love, the world will be a better place.”

“This time around, the message is still that, but it’s almost political, our message,” she continued. “I can’t wait for the world to see it, because it’s so of the times. I’m so happy we get to tell this story. The world needs to hear it.”

Dove, Sofia, Booboo & Cameron Shot A Last-Minute Scene Together

When the movie drops, keep your eyes peeled for a spontaneous, unscripted scene.

“There was one day where we shot something that I can’t say what it was, that wasn’t originally written in the movie, that was also really special,” Sofia teased.

Sofia Carson at Disney Channel Fan Fest on April 27, 2019. (Disney Channel/Image Group LA)

Get Ready To See Jay’s Sweet Side

According to Booboo, Jay goes through a transformation in “Descendants 3,” shedding his tougher exterior.

“Jay lets his guard down a bit in this movie,” he revealed. “He’s always been trying to be the tough guy for everyone. You know, the physical one. And he reveals a softer side, which is nice.”

The VKs Have Some Major Career Moves In The Works

While the world of “Descendants” may be nearly done, don’t expect the actors to disappear. Sofia is already making her mark in “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” her co-stars are gearing up for their next big projects, too.

Booboo tells Access that he’s focusing on the upcoming U.S. release of his film “The Grizzlies,” as well as making music with his pop duo, “That band Honey.,” who had their first major performance at Fan Fest.

“Today will be the first time I’ve ever actually played on stage singing songs that we wrote together,” he gushed ahead of their set.

Dove, meanwhile, says she’s preparing to star as Clara in “The Light in the Piazza” on the West End and is “over the moon about it.”

“Adam Guettel is, like, my hero,” she said. “It’s my favorite musical of all time. It’s my dream role.”

The singer also revealed that she has, “like, 90 singles” already recorded and is antsy to finally let people hear them.

“I’m just going to start dropping them like nothing else,” she laughed. “They’re just going to come one after the other.”

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