Dierks Bentley Has Fun With Tiffani Thiessen In Behind-The-Scenes For Hot Country Knights’ ‘Pick Her Up’ Music Video (Exclusive)

Dressed in brightly colored windbreakers and clear Aviator glasses, ‘90’s country music band Hot Country Knights might not be what you think. With a promise to “bring real ‘90s Country music back to a format that’s been drowning in male sensitivity and cashmere sweaters,” the band is releasing their first-ever single and accompanying music video for their song “Pick Her Up.”

The band had a raucously good time filming the video, and Access Hollywood got the exclusive scoop on all the wild shenanigans the cast had behind the scenes.

In true classic country style, the song’s bounding rhythms and euphoric lyrics tell the story of a young, dweeby guy trying to get a date with a hot girl—in his pickup truck, of course. The music video features country icon Travis Tritt, famous for his Southern rock-influenced music, and heartthrob Tiffani Thiessen as the girl-next-door. Tiffani happens to have a special connection to Access Hollywood host Mario Lopez—the two appeared on the 90s show “Saved By The Bell” together!

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The band dressed in their best ‘90s clothes for the shoot, decked out head-to-toe in windbreakers, leopard print, and clear Aviator glasses.

Of course, since they’re new to the country scene, legendary country musician Dierks Bentley helped pen the band’s song—even though they insisted they could have done it better themselves. “When (Dierks) first moved to town he was struggling, and he saw us crushing a big venue,” Hot Country Knights lead singer Douglas Douglason said. “We inspired him, so he thinks he’s paying us back in some way bu offering to produce us—but we all know what’s really going on here. He’s trying to grab onto the old mullet and ride it as hard as he can.”

But take a closer look at Douglas—does he look familiar to you? He should, because Douglas Douglason is none other than Dierks Bentley himself!

Dierks and his band have been on tour for the past year, and decided to have a little bit of fun with their show openings. Dierks and his band began posing as an over-the-top 90s country cover band, with Dierks performing under the alias Doug Douglason and the band’s name Hot Country Knights.

What started off as a fun joke proved to be wildly popular at their shows. So popular, in fact, that Hot Country Knights signed with Universal Music Group Nashville to make their very own 90s music.

Check out how much fun the cast had making this video!

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