Jennifer Coolidge Squeaks Like A Dolphin In e.l.f. Cosmetics Super Bowl Ad

Who could forget Jennifer Coolidge’s recent revelation that her dream role is to be a dolphin??

For their Super Bowl ad this year, e.l.f. Cosmetics wanted to help Jennifer get one step closer to making her dolphin dreams a reality by gifting her something Sticky…

In this teaser video, Jennifer is seen unboxing a gift from e.l.f. that contains a new product – Power Grip Primer.

“Get ready for prime time, love your superfans at e.l.f.,” reads the attached note.

As she starts to apply the primer, Jennifer notices something… the primer is giving her a youthful, dewy, almost ocean-like glow…

“Oh my gosh,” she whispers. “It looks like I came from the sea! I look like a dolphin… like a  baby dolphin!”

She smiles gleefully before, in true Jennifer Coolidge fashion, doing a hilarious impression of a dolphin sound. “I love it!” she exclaims.

That’s when she notices something… “Gosh, this primer stuff sure is sticky,” she says, while rubbing her hands together.

In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and Zuri Hall after her Golden Globe win for “White Lotus”, Jennifer revealed that her dream role is not to play an iconic Hollywood figure, or a famous musician – no, she just wants to be a dolphin.

The iconic moment went viral (even catching the eye of Olivia Wilde) and stole the hearts of fans everywhere. Fans, and now brands, too!

Last month, the actress was selected as Hasty Pudding theatricals’ Woman of the Year and she suited up with a hooded towel as her fave aquatic mammal for a special theatrical show.

Jennifer Coolidge Playing Her Dream Role of A Dolphin At Hasty Pudding Ceremony

Jennifer Coolidge Playing Her Dream Role of A Dolphin At Hasty Pudding Ceremony

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Make sure to tune into the Big Game this Sunday, February 12, to see the whole e.l.f. Cosmetics spot with Jennifer. Something Sticky is coming your way!

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