John Krasinski On How New Film ‘IF’ Is a ‘Love Letter’ To His Daughters: ‘Wouldn’t Have Had The Idea Without Them’

John Krasinski is revealing how his daughters inspired his latest film, “IF.”

The movie, which hits theaters May 17, is a live-action/animated comedy written, produced, and directed by Krasinski and boasts an impressive cast including himself, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carell, Cailey Fleming, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Emily Blunt.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, the actor shared that the film is an ode to his two daughters, Hazel and Violet, whom he shares with Academy Award nominated actress Emily Blunt.


“It was a love letter in every single way – I wouldn’t have had the idea without them,” he shared, adding, “I always say I wrote it for them, but really they gave me the idea.”

“The Office” alum continued by explaining to Access that, as a father, seeing his daughters’ imagination inspired him.

“It was really the authenticity that really blew me away – they were fearless. They could be whoever they wanted -talk to whoever they wanted,” he said.

It wasn’t until the pandemic, however, when Krasinski found a way into writing the film. He and Blunt noticed that their daughters were becoming less imaginative.

“Their lights started to go out. They played fewer and fewer games, and they started asking real-world questions,” he revealed, adding, “I said to Emily [Blunt] ‘That’s kind of the definition of growing up.’”

So, Krasinski set on a mission to reverse that thinking.

“I said, ‘No, no, no,’ let me write a movie about how you never have to leave that behind -that magical world,” he explained.


The 44-year-old actor also spoke about his wife’s current A-list co-star, Ryan Gosling, after third wheeling some of “The Fall Guy” press tour.

“It’s been going great – I think Ryan might be my guy,” the “IF” director shared, adding, “The fact that I got to hang out with them was great.”

When asked if he relates to Gosling, who recently revealed to the Wall Street Journal that he is more selective when choosing roles and avoids ones that can put him in “some kind of dark place,” due to putting his family first, Krasinski told Access that he, too, shares a similar sentiment.

“I relate in every single way. Listen, as long as you’re doing things with the idea of putting your heart in the right place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be lighter fare but it’s honest to yourself,” he said adding, “So that you can have that conversation one day with your kids as to why you chose that role.”

And speaking of his children, the “Quiet Place” star also shared a sweet story of how Taylor Swift boosted his daughter Hazel’s self-confidence by complimenting her new haircut.

“[She] had just gotten a new haircut that she really, really wanted for a long time. And then had a little bit of regret as soon as she got it – there were hugs and tears,” Krasinski shared before revealing that shortly after, his daughter ran into the super star at a birthday party.

“Taylor said, ‘Hey I love your hair!’ And my daughter not only was uplifted – that’s a game changer for Taylor Swift to say anything to anybody, but to specifically highlight Hazel’s haircut was massive.”

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: Sweet Couple Pics

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: Sweet Couple Pics

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