Keith Urban Reveals His & Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Faith, 11, Has ‘A Great Musical Ear’

It seems like artistic talent runs in the Kidman-Urban family!

According to proud dad Keith Urban, his and Nicole Kidman‘s two daughters – 13-year-old Sunday and 11-year-old Faith – are each pretty gifted when it comes to their creative passions.

The country crooner told ABC Audio that Faith has already shown an amazing aptitude for music.

“[She] has a great musical ear,” he shared. “I can tell ’cause she’ll hear a melody and go to the little piano and figure it out by singing it and matching the notes and stuff.”

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CMA Awards 2021: Nicole Kidman, Carrie Underwood & More Rock The Red Carpet

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Faith’s older sister, meanwhile, is more drawn to visual media.

“Sunday, I think, has always been interested in filming and making little stories with her little iPad,” Keith said. “Even when she was 5, 6 years old, she liked to film with her iPad. Kids from the neighborhood will come over for play dates, and I tell you, immediately, they will be roped into being in these mini-movies that she makes. They’ve got to learn their parts and everything.”

The “Wild Hearts” singer added, “It would be great if [Sunday] continues [making movies], ’cause I think she’s a storyteller — a good storyteller.”

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Earlier this month, Nicole told the co-hosts of “The View” that Sunday’s directorial eye was helpful as she geared up for her Oscar-nominated performance as Lucille Ball in “Being the Ricardos.”

“When I was preparing, they were my audience. So I’d sit them on the couch, and I’d [get into character], and they’d be like … ‘You’ve got a lot more work to do,'” the Best Actress nominee shared. “[It’s] interesting, because my daughter wants to be a director as well … She’s got that eye, and she’s watching.”

Nicole said that Keith’s well-honed ear came in handy while she was mastering Lucy’s iconic voice.

“Sound is so important to him, so he can hear, and I was checking always the voice and the tone of the voice with him,” she said, adding that the Academy Award recognition “feels incredibly shared as a family.”

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