Kim Kardashian Reunites With Former BFF Paris Hilton: ‘We’re Opposite Twins’

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have reunited for a girl’s day!

The duo were always spotted together by paparazzi in the 2000’s but after some ups and downs with their friendship, the former BFF’s are back together.

Paris shared a video of the duo posing in front of the camera as Kim remarked, “cuties.” Paris said, “I love it” as Kim added, “We’re opposite twins.”

In the second clip, Kim says, “We’re just hanging out, just a fun day me and Paris.”

Paris also shared a video of the two on TikTok captioning the post with, “Invented the 2000’s. Love you Kim Kardashian.”

@parishiltonInvented the 2000’s. ✨👸🏻👸🏼✨ ##ThatsHot 🔥 Love you ##KimKardashian 🥰♬ original sound – ParisHilton

Kim shared a few videos on her Instagram story from their fun day together where she even encouraged all her fans to watch her documentary “This Is Paris,” that just came out on September 14th.

“If you haven’t seen her documentary on YouTube, you should check it out,” Kim said.

The two became friends after Paris became a client of Kim’s closet organizing business. They were often spotted on the Los Angeles nightclub scene together and drifted apart over the years.

Paris attended the Kardashian’s Christmas party in 2018. Kanye shared a video of them sledding together writing, “Bff” proving that they were still close.

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