Meghan Markle Laughs & Blows Party Horns With Edward Enninful In Behind-The-Scenes Vogue Video

Meghan Markle is sharing a never-before-seen peek behind the scenes of one of her standout projects of 2019!

On Feb. 13, British Vogue announced that the Duchess of Sussex’s guest-edited September issue, “Forces For Change,” was the fastest-selling issue in the magazine’s 104-year history. It sold out in an astounding ten days and went on to be the biggest-selling issue of the 2010s.

To celebrate the achievement, the magazine shared a previously unreleased video of Meghan and British Vogue Editor-In-Chief Edward Enninful. In the video, the two sat on a couch and had a lively chat about everything they accomplished together, starting from the first time Meghan sent him a text. The royal invited him over for tea to discuss him potentially helping her out with her then-upcoming Smart Works fashion line, and the two did away with formalities and bonded immediately.

“I remember walking into Kensington Palace, and I was so excited. And I was like, ‘Lovely to meet you, Duchess.’ And you were like, ‘Call me Meghan!'” he remembered, sending Meghan into a fit of giggles.

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Earlier today @edward_enninful, the Editor in Chief of @britishvogue shared: “#ForcesForChange, guest edited by The Duchess of Sussex @SussexRoyal, was our fastest-selling issue in the history of #BritishVogue ( sold out in 10 days) and the biggest-selling issue of the past decade. I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store…” • To celebrate, we wanted to share this never before seen video behind the scenes with Edward and The Duchess of Sussex on the creation of this special issue. Please note, this was filmed last August in London. Congratulations to all of those who took part in the 2019 September issue, and huge thanks to those who supported and helped make this a success! Video credit: Directed by @kloss_films Copyright @sussexroyal

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It was Meghan’s idea to turn their initial collaboration into something even bigger.

“Maybe I could push it just a little bit more and see if you would be willing to let me guest edit,” she recalled her line of thinking. “And I didn’t know if anyone had ever done it before!”

No one had done it before, but Edward was happy to let Meghan break that boundary.

“In the history of Vogue, you’re the first,” he said. “You have an editor’s eye. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it. You were so thorough from beginning to end.”

Meghan’s vision for the issue was to focus on women who were changing the world, but she included a mirror on the cover too as a symbol that everyday women could also be “forces of change.”

“Having the mirror – anyone, no matter who they are, picking up this issue, should be able to see themselves in it, and that’s what I feel really proud that we’ve accomplished,” she gushed.

Meghan then surprised Edward with party hats and noisemakers to celebrate their successful cover.

“Congratulations, E!” she said, using her nickname for the magazine mogul.

The pals ended the video by calling all of the women on their cover, including Yara Shahidi, Laverne Cox and Jane Fonda.

“Meghan, I’m so proud of you for using your amazing platform and your strong voice, and I’m so honored to be a part of it with those other amazing women,” Jane told the duchess over speakerphone. “Thank you so much for including me.”

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