Sam Asghari Says Engagement To Britney Spears Was ‘Way Overdue’: ‘It Was The Right Time 4 Years Ago’

Sam Asghari has known he wanted to marry Britney Spears for quite some time!

When the “PBC” actor recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez, he revealed that their 2021 engagement was a long time coming.

“I know you’ve been going out for like seven years, right?” Mario asked him. “Why was now the right time?”

“It was the right time four years ago, maybe,” Sam replied. “It’s way overdue.”

The fitness model popped the question last September. While he and Britney have kept the details surrounding the special moment private, he told Mario that he made sure it was just perfect.

“It was very extravagant, and it was surprising,” he teased. “I did it in the best way possible, but it’s something you’ve got to keep secret. Some things you have to keep between us.”

Sam also revealed that he proposed while he and Britney were alone – though their dogs were also in the room!

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He presented the “Matches” songstress with a stunning, four-carat diamond engagement ring, inscribed with the word “lioness,” his nickname for her.

Sam was determined to purchase the sparkler himself, a gesture that held a lot of meaning for him.

“I wanted to work and pay for it because, you know, a lot of celebrities get it for free for advertisement and stuff. I said, ‘I want it to mean something, and I want it to mean [something] from a working man,'” he explained.

Britney Spears & Sam Asghari's Romance In Photos

Britney Spears & Sam Asghari’s Romance In Photos

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On top of planning their wedding, Britney and Sam are preparing for another exciting milestone: the arrival of their first child!

“It’s like the best news in the world,” the “Black Monday” actor told Mario of the pregnancy, adding that he and his fiancée are “both so excited and so thrilled.”

Sam told Mario that he and Britney have not found out the sex of their baby-to-be, and whether or not they find out that information is up to his future wife.

“That’s up to her, but I don’t want [to],” he said. “It’s something that I want to wait for.”

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In addition to all of the excitement in his personal life, Sam also has also been busy with his other love: acting! He’s set to star in the upcoming thriller “Hot Seat,” and he’s now appearing in the comedy series “PBC” as a very over-the-top character.

“I play an a****** – a jerk CEO of this accounting firm,” the dad-to-be shared with a laugh.

Sam, who stopped by Access with his longtime manager and publicist Brandon Cohen, told Mario that he knew the challenge of taking on a comedic role.

“I always feel like comedy is the hardest genre. You cannot fake comedy. You have to be funny. I’m a funny man,” he quipped.

You can watch all six episodes of “PBC” on YouTube and on FloQast Studios’ website.

Check out Sam’s full interview with Mario Lopez on Access Daily on Friday. For airtimes, check your local listings.

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