Cheryl Hines Once Considered Glitter-Bombing An Angry Driver In A Parking Lot

Cherly Hines is back as Larry David’s ex-wife for Season 10 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” In honor of the always-annoyed Larry, All Access’ Sibley Scoles played a fun game of “Curb Your Pessimism” with Cheryl about what bothers the TV star the most. During the game, Cheryl revealed that she once was so irked by a driver in a parking lot that she considered buying a glitter bomb to put in his car! “My husband is like, ‘That’s against the law!'” she laughed. Cheryl also revealed her opinions on close talkers with bad breath, tailgaters and people who put empty containers back into the refrigerator. “Curb’s” new season debuts Jan. 19 on HBO.