David Beckham & Victoria Beckham Troll Each Other After Their Exhausting Workouts

David Beckham doesn’t give his wife Victoria Beckham any free passes when it comes to working out! The soccer icon, 48, took to his Instagram story on Nov. 6 and poked fun at how “dramatic” the former Spice Girl was after their morning workout. “Not that my wife’s dramatic or anything but this is what happened this morning,” he wrote over a pic of Victoria lying on the gym floor, adding a rolling eye emoji and a GIF that read, “I wanna nap.” In the second photo, the fashion designer, 49, had turned over onto her side. Victoria threw shade right back at her athlete husband with trolling posts of her own, sharing a pic of David lying on a yoga mat and also looking exhausted from working out. “And the Oscar goes to…@davidbeckham,” she joked. It’s no surprise the couple has mastered the art of teasing each other, as they remain one of the most enduring marriages in the world of sports and entertainment.