Fran Drescher Looks Back At Friendship With Suzanne Somers: A ‘Grounded And Authentic Person’

Fran Drescher is looking back at her longstanding friendship with Suzanne Somers. “The Nanny” star chatted with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about her friend, revealing when they met and how they bonded over their love of healthy living and cancer battles. “We just had enough in common that the work relationship transitioned into a kind of co-supportive friendship, going out to dinners and things like that,” Fran told Access. “I found her to be a very grounded and authentic person. She wasn’t superficial. She was very forthright about her life, her earlier life, growing up. I admired that she leveraged her celebrity to try and change the conversation about health and empower people and expose them to other options.” The 66-year-old also gushed over Suzanne’s decades long marriage to Alan Hamel, calling it “very loving” and a “really good friendship and romance.” Despite being close friends, Fran revealed to Access that they lost touch through the Covid-19 pandemic, and she regrets not sending an emailing her and Alan when she thought of them recently. “I did not reach out to them, and I am regretful,” she said.