Jacob Elordi Slams ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Kissing Booth’ Movies: You’re ‘Dead Inside’

Jacob Elordi might have been thrust into the spotlight after “The Kissing Booth” was released, but that doesn’t mean he is particularly fond of the franchise. When the first film came out in 2018, the actor became an overnight sensation, but the 26-year-old told GQ for his December cover story he pretty much hated all of it. “I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies. Those movies are ridiculous. They’re not universal. They’re an escape,” he said. This isn’t the first time Jacob has expressed his real thoughts behind the Netflix films. In the past, he’s been told to be grateful for the films because they launched his career and that he was “pretentious.” “How is caring about your output pretentious? But not caring, and knowingly feeding people s**t, knowing that you’re making money off of people’s time, which is literally the most valuable thing that they have. How is that the cool thing?” Jacob said. The Australian star has come a long way since making the “Kissing Booth” movies, starring in “Euphoria” and “Priscilla,” and “Saltburn.”