Joey King Fangirls Over Zac Efron & Reveals She Had Posters Of Him Up As A Teen

Joey King may be co-starring with Zac Efron in “A Family Affair” now, but a few years ago she had a teen crush on him! “I had posters of him at my desk mostly. I wasn’t allowed to have posters in my room because my mom was like ‘Don’t ruin the paint.’ But on my desk, I had tons of things. I had also this little like diary, that was a ‘High School Musical’ themed diary….and I would write all of my deepest, darkest thoughts in there, including like how much I loved Zac Efron,” she said. Joey even admitted she’s told Zac about her old crush on him. “Yeah, he knows. I do not care. I want him to know how much he meant to me and I think he likes it. I think he thinks its very sweet and now we’re buddies and it’s wonderful,” she added. “A Family Affair” will stream on Netflix on June 28.