Kristen Bell Reveals Daughters Like Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer: ‘You Can Judge Me’

Kristen Bell’s kids have mature tastebuds! While appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Monday, the 43-year-old actress revealed her two daughters often ask for non-alcoholic beers when they’re at restaurants! “We’ve been at restaurants where she’s said, ‘Do you have any non-alcoholic beer?’’ Kristen told Kelly. Kristen shares her 8-year-old daughter Delta and 9-year-old daughter Lincoln with her husband Dax Shepard, who is a recovering alcoholic. When chatting with Kelly she clarified the drinks contain zero percent alcohol and explained why she thinks her little girls like the beverages. This isn’t the only time “The Good Place” actress has talked about her daughters’ unusual drink of choice. She first made the confession on Carla Hall’s “Say Yes” podcast in 2020.