Kyle Richards Shoots Down Jeff Lewis Saying She Hates Mauricio: ‘I Don’t Want That Out There’

Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco spoke to Kyle Richards on the 2023 BravoCon red carpet where she opened up about her split with husband Mauricio Umansky and reacted to Jeff Lewis saying that she “hates” her ex. Kyle said, “I wasn’t even offended by a majority of his comments, I’m already over that, I’m like desensitized to that but I did not like Jeff Lewis getting up there and saying, ‘Kyle hates Mauricio’ because that’s not true. I love Mauricio very much and we are very close in spite what we’re going through and I don’t like to hear that. I don’t like to put it out there, I don’t want anyone hearing that it’s not true. Where are my orchids Jeff Lewis? Orchids aren’t even going to work anymore, I need a piece of jewelry.”