Michael Bublé Is Out For Matthew McConaughey’s Calm Narrating Job

Michael Bublé is out for Matthew McConaughey’s job! The 45-year-old singer posted an adorable picture on his Instagram on Tuesday holding one of his three children, who is sleeping, while talking into a microphone. If you look carefully, another one of his kids is also snuggled up in a blanket, rocking sunglasses and taking a nap in the background. “Hey @calm, I think I could give @officiallymcconaughey a run for his money. #sleepstories,” he captioned the funny snap. Michael is a fan of the meditation app, Calm, which sometimes uses celebrity voices to help people mediate or go to sleep. The “Home” singer is especially a fan of Matthew McConaughey’s Calm meditations, admitting he goes to sleep with the “True Detective” star every night.