Ryan Gosling Surprises Greta Gerwig With Barbie-Themed Flash Mob For Her 40th Birthday

This Ken knows how to celebrate a birthday. In a video posted to the “Barbie” movie’s official Instagram account, the flick’s director Greta Gerwig is captured looking totally shocked when a flash mob comes into her Pilates class singing “I’m Just Ken” to mark her 40th birthday. The group then performed Dua Lipa’s track “Dance the Night Away” from the hit blockbuster. The iconic birthday gift was from the main ken himself, Ryan Gosling. “As Kens know…. Sometimes the only way to express your feelings is through song & dance! Ken Ryan (Gosling) sent these special Barbies and Kens to start Greta’s birthday with all the feelings!!!!” the caption read on the hilarious post.