Becky G Hopes Cheetos Campaign ‘Will Be A Bright Light’ To College Students

Becky G is leaving her mark in a unique way.

The 26-year-old Latin superstar partnered with Cheetos for the “Deja Tu Huella” (“Leave Your Mark”) campaign which celebrates Hispanic culture and its impact on society, rallying people across the country to leave their own mark.

For the singer, working with Cheetos was years in the making.

“Well, I mean, I think it’s pretty safe to say that my partnership with Cheetos started before they were even aware of it when I was a child,” she told Access Hollywood. “So, this for me is like a literal dream come true. I used to like to sell little bags of Cheetos from like my backpack at school. Like it was, it was, I was about it for sure. So, it’s a full circle moment for me most definitely.”

This year “Deja Tu Huella” is specifically focusing on students by giving them more funding and career resources than ever, something that aligns with Becky G’s values.

“I think more than anything now that I’ve kind of gotten to where I am in my career and establishing my platform using that for the greater good and aligning with other partners to expand on the Becky G familia basically to help others in communities like the ones that I grew up in is super important and I know that they are and have been very active in that space already,” she told Access.

The campaign will give 500 Uplift Scholarships for the 2024 school year to students across 12 different community colleges classified as Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

“I think that will be a bright light to a lot of our students because I think, you know, for us, especially in Latin community, academia is something that we really struggle with,” she said. “Not because we have a lack of knowledge, but because the means sometimes are not there. So it makes me really proud that that’s something that we can offer.”

Becky G: Cute Shots Of The Triple Treat

Becky G: Cute Shots Of The Triple Treat

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The “Deja Tu Huella” campaign will also give fans across the country a chance to win tickets to Becky G’s first-ever heading tour, “Mi Casa, Tu Casa” by participating in a TikTok challenge. All they need to do is show how they are making a positive impact in their community using #DejatuHuellaTour and #Entry.

As the “Chanel” singer prepares to hit the road, she told Access what she is most looking forward to from her tour.

“I think just getting to like see my songs live,” she said. “There’s a lot of, new songs that we’ve recently released and then new songs coming, before the tour as well. And I’ll also be, probably sharing more music for my upcoming album on that to her as well.”
As for her new album, Becky is keeping the release date a secret.

“I mean, I’m gonna leave that one to be a little bit of a surprise because, you know, figuring out dates is it gets a little tricky,” she said.

However, one thing is certain the “Mamiii” singer is entering a new era. While chatting with Access, she looked back at the past year and admitted her 2023 Coachella performance was the end of one chapter.

“I feel like a sense of pride. I feel like there is completion happening in my life, in my career,” she told Access. “I started in this so young and I’m still so young and so that is like a crossroads for me. I felt like oh, I’ve worked so hard and I’ve gotten to this really massive space, but then also like this is just the beginning. So kind of ending a chapter, an era, of Becky G at the Coachella stage and then kind of planting the seed for like what this next chapter looks like for me,” she added.

For more information on the “Deja Tu Huella” program, fans can visit

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