Jennifer Garner Reveals Tributes ‘Family Switch’ Pays To ’13 Going On 30′

Jennifer Garner and Emma Myers are switching places in their upcoming Netflix film “Family Switch.”

The movie follows the Walker family, who all switch places after they chat with an astrological reader.

And the upcoming comedy gives special tributes to Jennifer’s classic film “13 Going on 30.”

“There a couple of little Easter eggs for ’13 Going on 30′ fans. It seemed only appropriate,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood. “But one of them is just before the bust a move dance sequence you’ll see Emma has a little moment.”

The film seems to have something for everyone, and Emma recommends that families should watch it together.

“It lets parents into the minds of teens and kids, and it really get them to understand each other. So, I think every teen should just make their parent sit down and watch it with them,” Emma told Access.

Jennifer Garner & Daughter Violet Affleck Stun At White House State Dinner

Jennifer Garner & Daughter Violet Affleck Stun At White House State Dinner

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Jennifer echoed her sentiments, telling Access parents can learn a lot from this movie.

“I think parents can be reminded that kids are under pressures that we can’t possibly understand,” she said. “We only really see our kids at home and we kind of just want them to be a certain way. And really, it’s not the kids jobs to fulfill whatever we it is we have in our brain.”

“Family Switch” starts streaming on Netflix Nov. 30.

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