Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘No Hard Feelings’ Co-Star Andrew Barth Feldman On Why He Paused College To Be In Film

Working with Jennifer Lawrence is an opportunity you don’t give up!

The Oscar winner’s co-star in “No Hard Feelings,” Andrew Barth Feldman, jumped at the opportunity to do the film with JLaw, pausing his studies at Harvard University.

“Yeah, it wasn’t a sacrifice, you know, because that’s still there. Like it was a sacrifice of time. You know, the sort of idea of doing college in four years and getting it over with,” Andrew told Access Hollywood at the film’s New York City premiere. “I can go back, I will go back, but this movie was not something that was always going to be there. If I looked away, it would be gone. So, I had to, I had to say yes.”

The film follows Jen’s character, Maddie Barker, as she agrees to date a wealthy couple’s introverted and awkward 19-year-old son named Percy, who is portrayed by Andrew. The parents in the film, played by Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti are helicopter parents, who are extremely overprotective of their son. Jennifer shares there is one thing she hopes parents take away from the romantic comedy.

Jennifer Lawrence Stuns In Dior Gown At ‘No Hard Feelings’ Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence Stuns In Dior Gown At ‘No Hard Feelings’ Premiere

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“Try not to be a helicopter parent, try to let your kid be who they’re going to be and just love and support them,” Jennifer said.

The project is Jen’s comedic debut and Andrew told Access he never would have thought he would be given the opportunity to work with Jennifer, let alone be her love interest.

“No, of course not. But not to mention getting to play opposite of her, somebody who is like, so respected and admired by me, by the world, but also to have a partner in a movie that I love so dearly and care about so much and is a real friend of mine,” he said.

“No Hard Feelings” is exclusively in theaters on June 23.

-Emely Navarro

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