Kristin Cavallari’s Ex BFF Who Fans Thought Posted Jay Cutler Pic Claps Back In Instagram Post

Kelly Henderson is setting the record straight after fans thought she may be self-isolating in Nashville with Jay Cutler after his split with Kristin Cavallari.

Fans recently came at Kristen’s ex BFF after she posted a photo on her Instagram of a man wearing a beaded bracelet that seemed to resemble one that Jay had previously worn. The photo, which didn’t show the subject’s face, only their arm as they enjoyed a drink on the porch, led fans to believe that it was Jay and he may be staying with Kelly after his divorce news from Kristin – but alas, Kelly is clapping back at fans in the comments and saying it’s not so.

“I wear that bracelet everyday and had no f—— clue that you guys would make this into a thing,” Kelly wrote to a critic on Thursday who had commented on her original May 1 pic.

Comments by Celebs screen grabbed the clap backs and posted them in a picture below. Kelly continued to take down the haters in several more comments.

“FYI— basically all kids make those. Especially in quarantine. I know it doesn’t matter what I say, because you guys will make up whatever you want, but I know my truth. Sorry you are choosing to keep wasting your time on bulls—.”

After fans continued to come for her, Kelly continued to defend herself.

“I didn’t start this narrative or storyline and moved on with my life a long time ago,” Henderson said in another comment. “You guys keep trying to make it into something. You have ZERO clue what you are talking about.”

And when a fan questioned why she didn’t squelch the rumors, Kelly responded, “Do you see what happens when I even engage though. No point to even try to stop it and I refuse to send more hate around by telling people who just like to stir the pot, my side of the story. You don’t know what you are talking about and that’s all I will say. You are wasting your f—— time here.”

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Kelly’s social media clapbacks come just days after she told divorce lawyer Laura Wasser on her All’s Fair podcast that she has absolutely nothing to do with Kristin’s divorce from Jay.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there, there was never an affair, I have nothing to do with their divorce, and I am not dating Jay Cutler,” Kelly said to Wasser.

And when Wasser asked who was in the photos? Kelly said that it was her boyfriend.

“It’s my boyfriend … I’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now,” the stylist said. “He is a very private person and I respect that. You know, him and his kids are a huge part of my life now, but I try to keep them out of the public part of my life because it’s not what they signed up for.”

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Kelly and Kristin’s friendship unraveled in the final season of “Very Cavallari” after rumors swirled that Kelly and Jay may have had an affair. While Kristin said she never believed the rumors, she felt like her BFF didn’t do enough to squash them.

Kristin and Jay filed for divorce earlier this month and recently listed the marital Nashville home they shared together. Kristin also revealed she won’t be continuing with her E! reality series, “Very Cavallari.” She wants to focus on her kids and starting a new chapter of her life.

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