Mandy Moore Shares Why She Was ‘More Present’ For Baby No. 2’s Birth and How Hilary Duff’s Advice Is Helping Her (EXCLUSIVE)

Mandy Moore is a mom of two and she’s sharing new details about welcoming her new bundle of joy just weeks after his birth.

“He is so squishy and delicious,” she gushed to Access Hollywood.

In an exclusive interview, the “This Is Us” star radiated love and light while talking about her son Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett Goldsmith, after announcing his arrival on October 21, 2022. The latest addition to the family joins Mandy, her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and their 20-month-old son, August “Gus” Harrison.

“It’s funny having a second boy, I just remember thinking like who is this creature gonna be, you know? I’m so certain about Gus and just the fact that we already have a boy. He’s not going to be a carbon copy of who Gus is and so it’s just sort of like allowing him to be his own person and not try to compare and contrast too much like, ‘Oh when Gus was this age he did this,’ but he’s already such a little individual,” she explained.

The 38-year-old also shared some details about her birth story with baby no.2 and admits that she felt more present for Ozzie’s delivery. While giving birth to her first son, Mandy wasn’t able to have pain reducing medication due to having low platelet levels but this time she had a different experience.

“My platelets are just sort of low in general and then they dropped further in pregnancy and the only thing that makes a difference is that there’s a potential for not being able to have medication during birth and I didn’t the first go round,” she explained. “This go round I was able to, but I didn’t get it in time, so it never kicked in but that’s OK! I think psychologically it was just better knowing I can have it if I need it and it’s there but…unfortunately I asked for it a little too late in the game.”

She continued, “I just feel so, so lucky. So grateful, so blessed, it was a very, very special day. I would say just again, not to compare and contrast, but it was exponentially easier the second go round so for all the second time parents out there who haven’t given birth yet let me just be the one to sort of put the bug in your ear as well that it can be a much easier experience than the first go round.”

Adding, “That made it more enjoyable I felt like I was more present I was able to sort of like be in the day a lot more than I think I was, I allowed myself the first time.”

Mandy Moore's Sweetest Family Moments

Mandy Moore’s Sweetest Family Moments

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One of the most surreal moments of motherhood, the “A Walk To Remember” actress said, was introducing Gus to his new brother.

“We brought Ozzie in and put him in his little DockATot in his room and then we brought in Gus and we had a little gift that Ozzie brought for Gus from the hospital and all of the things that we had read that we were supposed to do,” she shared, recounting the pair’s first interaction. “We didn’t really know what to expect and of course when we bring him home the first thing [Gus] wanted to do was kiss Ozzie and that melted my husband and I immediately. It was the sweetest thing.”

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Along with wanting to kiss his new little brother “all the time,” Mandy also confessed another adorable moment that made her heart burst between her babies.

“[Gus] is like ‘Ozzie!’ You know when something is so cute you just want to squeeze it? That’s how he says his brother’s name and that just gets me every time,” she added.

While Mandy and her husband are on cloud nine, it’s their eldest son who can’t seem to get enough of their newborn.

“I think our biggest hurdle right now is making sure he doesn’t kiss him too much just because it’s cold and flu season and trying to keep everybody healthy especially with a newborn who has no immune system. So, it’s making sure he kisses him on like the top of the head or the bottom of his feet and not on his face where he wants to just drool on him incessantly.”

With the holiday season upon us, the proud mom said she is focused on feeling connected with her loved ones and is looking forward to making new memories with her boys.

“I am excited to sort of figure out what new traditions we’re going to start around the holidays. I’m excited to have a child who’s sort of coming into this level of awareness about the world around them. Last year [Gus] wasn’t even a year yet so he didn’t really understand the holidays and that sense of togetherness, and trees and presents and lights and all of that fun stuff,” she shared. “He’s definitely clocking the world around him in new and profound ways that are exciting each and every day, so to be able to live this season through his eyes is exciting and I can’t wait to just sort of be cozy with our family and enjoy the season.”

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Mandy Moore And Taylor Goldsmith’s Love Story In Photos

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Part of getting into the spirit of the holiday season for Mandy includes spreading some cheer by surprising fans with personalized messages as part of her collaboration with Ferrero Rocher for their “Give a Golden Greeting” campaign.

“I am a big fan of Ferrero Rocher it’s always been my sort of go to when I want somethings slightly elevated and indulgent especially this time of year. I think the holidays signal this sense of connectivity and togetherness, so what better way to celebrate than with premium chocolate, right?” Mandy, who is a paid spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher said.

A the new mom of two is finding some togetherness with her famous friend Hilary Duff. Transitioning to having two kids under two can be a challenge and Mandy shared that she looks to her for advice.

“She is just super mom with three kids I don’t know how she does it, she is such an incredible mother. She was one that was very adamant about, make sure you’re not just constantly telling your older kid ‘Mommy can’t do that right now because mommy is with the baby’ make sure you sort of play both sides and let the baby know that sometimes ‘You know what I’m gonna hand you over to Dad because now I have to go spend time with Gus,’ so it sort of goes both ways,” she told Access. “I found that to be very helpful advice so far, it’s nice sometimes to be like ‘Hey Ozzie, Mommy has to go play with Gus now I promised that Gus and I would go out and play in the yard.'”

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Despite not wanting to compare her boys, the “In Real Life” singer did compare her own milestones revealing that she is calmer now than when she welcomed her first child in February 2021.

“He’s so different, he’s like a stockier dude. He was a whole pound bigger than Gus was … he’s a lot more mellow and zen, or maybe it’s because I am a bit more mellow and zen this go round,” she admitted. “I feel a little bit more confident in what to expect and what I’m doing, with Gus I had never really changed a diaper before, I had never held a newborn and so it was like all new territory and now to feel like I have my feet beneath me a little bit better. It feels like a completely different experience.”

Mandy explained that having a second child has been the “most incredible thing” she has ever experienced and says having two boys at home is “otherworldly” and “indescribable.”

As she jump starts her new chapter as a mom of two, she recently closed another, as NBC’s hit show “This Is Us” came to an end.

‘It’s so strange, it still feels strange that it’s over. I guess in my heart of hearts I’m just waiting for someone to be like ‘Just kidding, you ready to come back to work?’ I miss everybody so much we’re still on a text chain and we all still are in communication but it’s not the same. It’s not like being able to see their friendly faces every day,” she said.

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